Mime Theory Lectures eBook

What is Mime Theory lectures?

In mime, the administrative aspects sometimes get lost in all of the outreach. The Mime Theory Lectures EBook was created to guide new and old mimes in new and old teams in the many different concepts utilized on a team. The EBook goes over a variety of topics from Choreographing Mime Songs, to Errors in Mime, to How to Critique a Mime Song, and many more. The book has been written and reviewed by several mimes who have been the ministry for many years and have given their input into it.

As of right now, the book is free to download as a PDF for the computer or as a digital copy to download to a Kindle or other tablets and smartphones. If you wish to pay for the book, please donate to the Digital Mime by paying for the book (you have the option to choose a price), or donating on this website.