TECH 400 - Advanced Technique

What is the TECH Course?

The TECH Course is a mostly comprehensive list of the technique utilized by mimes for mime ministry, organized by difficulty, then by sub-topic.

The mastery of mime technique is imperative to the smoothing out of the mime songs in order to make the message clearer.

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TECH 400: Common Advanced Technique

TECH 401: Cross Technique

TECH 402: Object Evasion

TECH 403: Robot

TECH 404: Inventing and Detailing Objects

TECH 405: Kneeling Quickly
(Coming Soon...)
TECH 406: Death Stretch

TECH 407: Consistent Signing
(Coming Soon...)

TECH 410: Special Characters

TECH 411: Angels

TECH 412: Demons
(Coming Soon...)
TECH 413: Toy Soldier

TECH 414: 8-Bit

TECH 420: Stage Combat

TECH 421: Stage Punching

TECH 422: Head to the Knee

TECH 423: Swordfighting

TECH 424: Guns

TECH 425: Archery

TECH 426: Death

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