TECH 300 - Stroll Miming

What is the TECH Course?

The TECH Course is a mostly comprehensive list of the technique utilized by mimes for mime ministry, organized by difficulty, then by sub-topic.

The mastery of mime technique is imperative to the smoothing out of the mime songs in order to make the message clearer.

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TECH 300: Stroll Miming Conduct Standards

TECH 301: Conduct in Whiteface

TECH 302: Stroll Miming Conduct

TECH 310: Common Stroll Miming

TECH 311: Bicycle

TECH 312: Ropes and Lassos

TECH 313: Frozen Poses

TECH 314: Wall, Box, and Door

TECH 315: Jell-O Wall and Waterfall Wall

TECH 320: Group Stroll Miming

TECH 321: Mime Hide-and-Go-Seek

TECH 322: Mime Race

TECH 323: Mime Machine

TECH 324: Mannequin

TECH 325: Mime Tug-of-War

TECH 326: Boot Camp
(Coming Soon...)
TECH 327: Laser Catch

TECH 330: Uncommon Stroll Miming

TECH 331: Resizable Ball

TECH 332: Shape-Changing Object

TECH 340: Expert Stroll Miming

TECH 341: Clockwork Soldier

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