TECH 200 - Intermediate Technique

What is the TECH Course?

The TECH Course is a mostly comprehensive list of the technique utilized by mimes for mime ministry, organized by difficulty, then by sub-topic.

The mastery of mime technique is imperative to the smoothing out of the mime songs in order to make the message clearer.

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TECH 200: Intermediate Basics

TECH 201: The Five Elements of a Gesture
TECH 202: Fixed Point
TECH 203: Isolations (Rotations and Inclinations)
TECH 204: Turns
TECH 205: Hinged Joints

TECH 206: Extras Conversations

TECH 207: Quick Costume Switch

TECH 210: Intermediate Objects

TECH 211: Common Intermediate Objects
TECH 212: Vehicles
TECH 213: Uncommon Objects

TECH 220: Intermediate Character

TECH 221: Depicting Jesus

TECH 222: Depicting God

TECH 223: Depicting Satan

TECH 224: Guards and Soldiers

TECH 225: Extras

TECH 226: Anger

TECH 230: Walks and Runs

TECH 231: Guard March

TECH 232: Profile Walk

TECH 233: Character Walk

TECH 234: Alcatraz Walk (Sidestep)

TECH 235: Mime Run (Go Run)

TECH 236: Comic Run

TECH 237: Slow-Motion Mime Run

TECH 238: Mistakes While Marching
(Coming Soon...)

TECH 240: Inverted Walks and Runs

TECH 241: Inverted Pressure Walk

TECH 242: Inverted Profile Walk

TECH 243: Inverted Mime Run (Go Run)

TECH 244: Inverted Comic Run

TECH 245: Moonwalk

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