TECH 100 - Basic Technique

What is the TECH Course?

The TECH Course is a mostly comprehensive list of the technique utilized by mimes for mime ministry, organized by difficulty, then by sub-topic.

The mastery of mime technique is imperative to the smoothing out of the mime songs in order to make the message clearer.

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TECH 100: Basics of the Basics

TECH 101: Hands
TECH 102: Foot Positions

TECH 110: Basic Character

TECH 111: Characterization

TECH 120: Basic Practical Technique

TECH 121: Basic Stances
TECH 122: Basic Objects
TECH 123: Going Overboard
(Coming Soon...)

TECH 130: Commmon Mime Technique

TECH 131: Tocs and Resistance
TECH 132: Double Zero
TECH 133: Pressure Walk
TECH 134: Anti-Melting

TECH 140: Technical Song Procedure

TECH 141: Breaking Formation

TECH 142: Transitioning

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