TECH Mime Technique Course

What is the TECH Course?

The TECH Course is a mostly comprehensive list of the technique utilized by mimes for mime ministry, organized by difficulty, then by sub-topic.

The mastery of mime technique is imperative to the smoothing out of the mime songs in order to make the message clearer.

Click on the TECH Level on the right to access the database for each level.

TECH 100 - Basic Technique

The basic of the basic technique. Created for the members who are getting into mime for the first time. Very commonly, basic techniques will be utilized later on in harder techniques. The basic technique covers everything from foot positions to double zero, and should be consulted first for growth as a mime.

TECH 200 - Intermediate Technique

The middle-of-the-road technique. This level consists of the most techniques out of all of the levels. In this level, there are more complicated techniques, of which some utilize components from the Basic Technique section.

TECH 300 - Stroll Miming

Mime technique utilized while on the job, but not in mime songs. Stroll Miming is a lot of fun for the mimes, as well as onlookers. It can assist in helping people be comfortable with mimes, invite them to presentations, and more.

TECH 400 - Advanced Technique

The hardest of the techniques. Some advanced techniques, such as cross technique, are used commonly in mime songs. Others, such as stage combat, are difficult and should be treated with caution.