Teams Around the World

Mime Teams in Various States and Countries

Mime minsitry is more popular than what may be expected. There are more teams than can be counted, but not all of them are in contact.

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The teams that are noted on this website are not all of the teams in existence, but are the ones who agreed to be made public here. Additionally, not all teams have agreed to be part of the CALD fellowship.

There are many teams around the world, they are each their own independent team, not legally affiliated with each other, but collaborate and support each other in the mime outreach ministry. Since mime minstry is for the end result of leading people to Christ, it only helps to be a part of the fellowship.

Teams around the world collaborate in many areas of ministry. For instance, sharing resources, praying for each other, attending camps and conferences together, sending members on mission trips, and much more. One obvious product of this fellowship of mime ministries is the Digital Mime. For a better history of the Digital Mime, Click Here. For more information about the CALD fellowship, Click Here.