Mime Songs

Mime Songs for Small Groups (Six or Less)

The following is a database of the Digital Mime's Mime Song collection. This is not a comprehensive list, as there are new Mime Songs being choreographed all the time. This list is always growing. If you have a Mime Song video to donate, Click Here.

Note: The Small Group Mimes listed here are for teams of one to six mimes. Please see any other list for full teams.

One-Person Mimes

Breath of Heaven - Amy Grant (AIM Cheyenne)
He's Alive - Don Francisco (Raising Faith)
I Am - Mark Schultz (The Order of Reflection)
I Can Only Imagine - MercyMe (AIM San Diego)
I Can Only Imagine (Version 2) - MercyMe (AIM San Diego)
The Job Experience - Mali Music (Dawson Reed)
Start Somewhere - TobyMac (The Order of Reflection)
Start Somewhere - TobyMac (The Order of Reflection)
Thief - Third Day (AIM Cheyenne)

Thief (Version 2) - Third Day (The Order of Reflection)
Thief (Version 3) - Third Day (Anthony Cillo)

Two-Person Mimes

Breath of Heaven (Two-Person Version) - Amy Grant (The Order of Reflection)
He Moves You Move - Audio Adrenaline (The Order of Reflection)
He Moves You Move (Version 2) - Audio Adrenaline (Various)
Not 4 Sale - Carman (AIM Cheyenne)
What if? - Nicole Nordeman (AIM Newton)

Three-Person Mimes

He Moves You Move (Three-Person Version) - Audio Adrenaline (Truth Team)
Redeemed - Steven Curtis Chapman (AIM Branson)

Four-Person Mimes

Larger than Life - Denver and the Mile High Orchestra (AIM Branson)

Five-Person Mimes


Six-Person Mimes

8-Bit Jesus (Minimalist Version) - Nintendo (Various)
Better than a Hallelujah - Amy Grant (Truth Team)
The Biscuit of Zazzamarandabo - Veggietales (For the Love)
Courtroom - Carman (The Order of Reflection)

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