Mime Ministry Resources

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There are many components of mime ministry. Most components primarily surround the Mime Song outreach tools. However, there are several other types of resources that may be beneficial to you.

Click one of the links to the right for the approprate database. If you are unsure what you need, below is a short description of each section.

Mime Song Videos

The primary tool used to spread the gospel message: Mime Songs. Mime Songs are choreographed human video, skits, dances, and more combined into one cohesive story, set to music. Mime Songs average about four minutes, but have been known to go up to 25 minutes long.

A "Mime Presentation" consists of several Mime Songs in a particular order, ranging from one Mime Song to an hour of Mime Songs. For more information on Mime Presentations, see the appropriate chapter in the Mime Theory Lectures eBook.

TECH Mime Technique Course

The TECH Course is a comprehensive database of technique used in Mime. Some of it is used very commonly, others are used almost never. All of it is good to learn in order to better a mime's understanding of technique and smooth out the look of the mime songs.

The TECH Course is split into three sections: Basic, Intermediate, Stroll Miming, and Advanced. The Basic level consists of commonly used and easy to understand components of mime. The Intermediate level grows the mime in skill with more difficult, but still commonly used, ideas in mime. The Stroll Miming section assists in object creation, as well as solo and group stroll miming skills used while miming outside of a mime presentation. The Advanced technique is for the best and most promising mimes to learn, providing information about tough topics that utilize many components of the previous three sections in order to master. All four levels are good to learn if any mime wishes to grow technically and become skilled in mime.

Mime Theory Lectures eBook

There is more to mime than just the outreach. The Mime Theory Lectures eBook is designed to help leaders and members alike grow in the more administrative and conceptual side of mime ministry. The mime theory, if you will.

Mime Theory Lectures covers a wide variety of concepts, from Choreographing Mime Songs, to Errors in Mime, to How to Critique a Mime Song, and so much more. The book has been written and reviewed by several mimes who have been the ministry for many years and have given their input into it. Leaders of new and existing teams may find answers to some of their questions within the chapters of this book.

The book is free to download as a PDF for the computer or a digital copy for the Kindle or other tablets and smartphones. If you wish to pay for the book, please donate to the Digital Mime on this website by Clicking Here.