The Mime Forum

What is a forum?

An online forum is a place where there is open communication as teams in a friendly environment. The forum is divided into a few main sections.

First, the "Share Your Mimes" section is dedicated to sharing information, stories, pictures, videos, etc. pertaining to mime. If you wish to donate resources, please go to this section and post your material.

Second, the "Team Update" section, which is where each individual team provides updates for their team, or other teams may talk directly to them to seek updates about their respective teams. To have your team added to the Team Updates, ask an administrator.

Lastly, the third section is "General" which members of each team can relax and share just about anything with each other for the fun of it.

How do I join the forum?

In order to join the Mime Forum, simply register with your information. The registration button is in the top right corner of the homepage. Please note that you must be approved to join before you can post.

Are there restrictions?

There are rules of conduct on the forum, which must be followed at all times. Please review the rules of conduct by Clicking Here after you login.

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