Donate Resources to the Digital Mime

how do i donate materials?

We are always looking for new material to share with the community. To donate a mime video, please make an account on the Mime Forum and access the Mime Suggestions board by Clicking Here once you are logged in.

Additionally, you may email us directly by Clicking Here and filling out the email prompt.

What kind of materals can i donate?

The most commonly donated resource is a video of a choreographed mime song. It is preferred that the video have clear audio (e.g. edited to mute the original sound and overlay a track), with some basic information about it. If this is not possible, the video itself with some basic information (such as the team, year of presentation, etc.) is good enough. Technique videos that are not already in existence, are helpful videos as well.

Other types of materials may vary. They can include written or intellectual materials, such as something to add to the Mime Theory Lectures, legal documents, tips on how to do taxes, bible study topics, waivers, team applications, and so much more. Be creative, and share your knowledge. Who knows? Maybe someone desperately needs to know something that you think is easy.

Can I volunteer?

As far as staffing goes, the team is very small. If you wish to help with something, having active moderators on the Mime Forum is always needed. Additional reviews for written materials is also very helpful. If you wish to help out in some way, contact us by Clicking Here and filling out the email prompt.