About the Digital Mime


The Digital Mime is owned and operated by Charleton Mills. The Digital Mime was originally started as a class project in Charleton's last semester of college. It was originally called "The Mime Blog," as it had a blog component to it which was required for the class, but that has since been removed. About the same time this project was being initially developed, a few of the members of a former mime team called AIM Around the World, headquartered in Branson, Missouri (abbreviated AIM Branson), got together and formed a new team called the Order of Reflection. The Order has since joined what is known as the CALD fellowship. For more information on the CALD, click the link to the right.

The Team

The Digital Mime "team" is rather complicated. The primary editor is Charleton Mills, but he is assisted greatly by several individuals and teams around the world. Samuel Hughes of AIM San Diego and Hannah Poch of AIM Cheyenne are the two main contributors who help Charleton maintain and develop materials for the Digital Mime directly. They are both also administrators on many of the social media outlets.

Contributing Teams

Furthermore, many teams have contributed materials, such as videos, pictures, written materials, etc. for use for free to share with other teams. Those teams include, in no particular order...

  • AIM Cheyenne (based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming)

  • AIM San Diego (based out of San Diego, California)

  • Louder than Words (based out of Wyoming, Delaware)

  • DRAMA (based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

  • Truth in Action (based out of Rose Hill, Kansas)

  • Raising Faith (based out of Mulvane, Kansas)