About the CALD

What is the CALD?

The Council Affirmed Leaders in Discipleship, or CALD for short, is a coalition of ministries around the United States and around the world. Teams that are members of the CALD fellowship are in it for two reasons: outreach and discipleship.

The primary reason the CALD exists is to have a support group for mime ministry teams around the world. Support can be given in many ways. For instance, some common shared resources include:

  • Sharing mime songs for other teams to learn.

  • Sharing skills in technique that help smooth out the message of a song.

  • Taking mimes from a variety of teams together on mission trips for outreaches.

  • Holding the annual leadership conference for any team to attend.

  • Sharing knowledge about a variety of subjects, including presentation information, team-related skills, taxes for ministry, how to do bible studies, and so much more.

  • Hosting events for a variety of teams to attend, such as a Mime Camp, joint presentation, etc.

  • Internships for teams to send representatives and learn the ropes of mime ministry.

  • Personal, one-on-one service for starting or growing teams.

  • Development of the Digital Mime databases (shameless self-advertising for the win!)

  • Plus so much more as needed for ministry.

How to join The cALD

Joining the fellowship of the CALD is not difficult. In fact, it only costs $1,000,000,000 per team member to join. Okay, maybe not. Joining the CALD is free, and only requires getting in contact with us, either through the Contact Us page, or by speaking to a member of the CALD who can direct you to a director who can further build the CALD's relationship with your team.

Please note that if you have an existing team, the CALD will not require you to change your team in any way to fit standards that are contrary to your team's standards. We only wish to be in contact, to support each other, and to better God's kingdom through this unique ministry.

Teams in the CALD

The teams that agreed to join the CALD are as follows, in no particular order:

  • AIM Cheyenne (based out of Cheyenne, Wyoming)

  • AIM San Diego (based out of San Diego, California)

  • Louder than Words (based out of Wyoming, Delaware)

  • DRAMA (based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania)

  • Reflections (based out of Bartlesville, Oklahoma)

  • The Order of Reflection (based out of Branson, Missouri)